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Continental Mineral Processing is a United States owned company. The plant is located in Cincinnati, Ohio providing milled zircon, zircon sand and opacifier products to the investment casting, foundry coatings, ceramics, electronic, and color pigment industries worldwide.

Who We Are

In 1948, Cincinnati philanthropist Frederick Hauck inquired about the practical application of various naturally occurring sands discovered in Florida. After some research and technical assistance, it was learned that certain Florida sands possessed some unique properties. It was also learned that these minerals could be mined and marketed to the growing US manufacturing sector.

Mr. Hauck sought the assistance of Albert E. Grogan to help establish and operate Continental Mineral Processing Corp. One of Mr. Hauck’s goals was to offer employment to the returning WWII veterans. Mr. Hauck’s vision was achieved, and the company has continued its growth for over 75 years with the majority of the original ownership still in place.

The plant location in Cincinnati, Ohio has seen numerous improvements throughout the years. The most recent additions have included an expanded laboratory, new milling capabilities, state of the art Rockwell process automation, robotics, additional warehouse space and new office space. Product analytical equipment is continually upgraded including particle size and XRF analysis.  These capital expenditures have allowed further business growth while continuing to meet our customer’s needs.

Numerous minerals have been processed at Continental through the years; however, zircon has been the primary focus for the company for well over a half century. The quality and commitment to the industry have made Continental one of the largest zircon processors in North America.

The history of continuous growth can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Established long-term relationships with zircon suppliers around the world.

  • Stability in ownership providing the management team a clear and consistent vision.

  • Capabilities to handle fluctuations in the zircon supply market have yielded a history of consistency and reliability.

  • A desire to always expand our grinding capabilities into new markets and to assist in developing new applications.

  • Fair pricing.

Continental Mineral is an active member of several trade organizations including the Investment Casting Institute, the American Ceramics Society and the Zirconium Industry Association.

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The Chemistry

that Started it All

Frederick Hauck Chemistry Journal

Frederick Hauck's original high school chemistry journal. c. 1912

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