Continental Mineral Processing

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Continental Mineral Processing is a United States owned company. The plant is located in Cincinnati, Ohio providing milled zircon, zircon sand and opacifier products to the investment casting, foundry coatings, ceramics, electronic, and color pigment industries worldwide.

Established in 1948

The company was established in 1948 with its success based on several core principles which include:

  • Commitment to the highest quality, most consistent products available

  • Established track record with both suppliers and customers

  • Consistent ownership along with a strong management team

  • An obligation to customers, employees, and the community to provide products in a safe and responsible manner

Continental Mineral is committed to expanding its material handling and grinding capabilities into new industrial mineral markets and is positioned to assist your company in the development of new products and applications. Through sustainable practices, social responsibility, and strong governance, we aim to make a positive impact on the collective journey to a sustainable future. We adhere to all applicable environmental laws and regulations, ensuring compliance in joint pursuit of a greener future.


Milled zircon is widely used in a number of industries which include:

  • Investment Casting

  • Refractory

  • Foundry Coatings

  • Chemicals

  • Electronics

  • Friction Products

  • Frit & Color Pigments

Continental Mineral has specialized in dry milled zircon for over a half century. State of the art equipment and commitment to continuous improvement have established Continental Mineral Processing as the standard of the industry. Several standard products are produced such as 200, 325, 400 and 600 mesh milled zircon. With recent capital improvements in process control and automation, Continental is well positioned to meet the needs of customers that have unique particle size requirements.

Granular zircon products are also packaged and marketed to complement the range of milled zircon products.

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